Excellent Performance of P-TEX
Introduction of P-TEX
Pursuit of metal-like performance
A sheet of P-TEX offers Excellent resistance to cutting second to none in Japan.

Patent granted in Japan, Patent No.5156410

P-TEX advantage
P-TEX is a high-strength fabric
produced by combining polyarylate fibers,
which are high-strength organic fibers, and glass fibers,
which are inorganic fibers that excel in toughness and heat resistance.

  • ■ Excellent resistance to cutting
  • ■ Lightweight and high strength
  • ■ High flame resistance with self-extinguishability
  • ■ High heat resistance so that it does not melt/drip/ignite even at a high temperature (280 °C)
  • ■ Excellent abrasion resistance derived from super fibers

P-TEX realizes high flame retardancy
Combining highly heat-resistant polyarylate fibers with incombustible glass fibers realizes high flame retardancy comparable to fire-proof clothing materials.

P-TEX with superior cut resistance
Combining polyarylate fibers with glass fibers dramatically improves cut resistance.
This realizes incomparable performance in fabric.

Comparative table of physical with other cut resistance fiber

Source:Japan Chemical Fibers Association and published data product companies